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ControlID, ClassNameNN

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I want to do this...

If ControlGetFocus ($title, $text) <> $control Then
    ControlFocus ($title, $text, $control)
ControlClick ($title, $text, $control)

but the problem is ControlGetFocus() returns the ClassNameNN of a control, whereas my input variable ($control) is always a ControlID.

Is there any way to get ControlGetFocus() to return the ControlID instead, or to translate the ClassNameNN --> ControlID?

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It's a message box in the case I'm testing.

$ctrl_hwnd[0] seems to be returning as a valid handle, but $hwnd[0] keeps coming back as 0x00000000, no matter what button has focus.

I'm using

$GUIHANDLE = WinGetHandle ($title, $text)
to get the window handle, is that not the right way to do it?
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