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I am really new this site, so please be kind to me.

Am I rushing into things asking where the old postings went to?

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Gone I'm afraid. :whistle:

Unfortunately the old forum used Windows NT/Access and some crappy forum software. It was deleted when I moved the site to this new host. The new site runs unix and uses a much more widely supported forum so any future moves should not be a problem we shouldn't have to lose anything again.

If you are missing answers to questions you asked before, then please feel free to ask again. Sorry again.

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I wasn't quick enough this morning to read the answer I was given.

Would it help if I send you some $$$$?

Well this is a very good forum even with all the old posts gone.

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From old forum:

Hi I am new to this so please forgive me if I am asking a question that was answered previously, I have searched for clues and answers obviously I am missing something.

I am trying to copy a number files from a folder that is on a network shared drive and paste them on the desktop.

Everyone's desktop file location is different.

C:\Documents and Settings\userid\Desktop

userid is different for everyone

I have tried this:

FileCopy, \\sdolco2\UI - EAAS\Excel Rating Worksheets\*.*, Current Users desktop path:,%USERPROFILE%\\Desktop, 1

Appears nothing happens when I try to run that.

I did get the below to work.

BUT it is possible for the user to have some of these files on their desktop already so it will ask them if they want to replace the existing files? How would I make it so they have to replace them?

Send, {LWIN}r

;clear run window

Send, {DEL}

SetWinDelay, 10

Send, {\\ 2}sdolco2\\ui{SPACE}-{SPACE}e{a 2}s\\Excel{SPACE}Rating{SPACE}Worksheets

Send, {ENTER}

SetKeyDelay, 5000

; wait fof folder window


SetKeyDelay, 10


SetKeyDelay, 10

Send, f



Thank you in advance for any help.


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Thanks Jon,

I am serious about helping the cause.

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