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Refresh a Control after ControlSetText

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I have been asked to write a script that will Redact specific information from a UI and then take screenshots of the screen.

The field is sorta like a big disabled input box.  CLASS:AfxWnd100

I can read the text in, I then do a string replace and use ControlSetText to put the new text back in.  The autoIT Spy sees the new visible text, but the UI itself does not seem to refresh so it's still showing the original text.

Hitting F5 doesn't do anything, and I tried ControlHide/ControlShow to see if that would kickstart but still shows the old text.

Anyone have some other ideas to kickstart a refresh of the UI?  oh, and this is Trizetto Facets


I'm also going to be looking into trying to find a way to search for the location of text on a screen and do a black overlay to try and cover the text so it will look like those Government blacked out doc's.


Thanks for any help you can provide.


hmm... I guess I have to have a signature...

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Look at

_WinAPI_RedrawWindow ( $hWnd [, $tRECT = 0 [, $hRegion = 0 [, $iFlags = 5]]] )


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