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Object Oriented AutoIt / Use same code several times.

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Hi everyone,


I know AutoIt is not Object Oriented, but maybe some one will know the way to work around it.


So, what is the situation, I have made a simple mailing application which will send proofs to the client by pressing the button:

I have tree button NEW, RENEW and REPLACEMENT, 


THE MAIN ISSUE is that I have a huge piece of code which is responsible to send appropriate proofs based on pre-defined variables.

What I'm looking for is that when I press NEW it will use variables_new and pass them to this code block and proofs will be sent, and when RENEW will use variables_renew which will be passed to the same block of code and will be executed again.


Currently I have to copy this mailing system code 3 times to make it work for three different buttons.


PS. Currently I'm using CASE to switch between buttons.
Any suggestions, ideas, way of doing, samples, will be appreciated.


Thank you.




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