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need help converting hex to lowercase

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working on a program that gives a hex value, the only problem is that it gives the hexvalue in upper case letters and i need it to be lower case. Here is some of my code:

From my GUI: (This askes you to enter in a number for $VCI)

GuiCtrlCreateLabel("VCI", 10, 115)

$VCI = GuiCtrlCreateInput("1", 60, 110, 40, 20)


Here in the proram, it reads the GUI to see what value is inputed

$VCI2 = GUICtrlRead($VCI)

Here it converts the number to HEX, but only gives upper case HEX values, I need them to be lowercase

$hexo = hex($vci2, 4)


738 is entered in the value

it converts it to 02E2, and I need it to be 02e2

Hope somebody can help me with this and hope its not confusing, thanks so much.

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$HexData = StringLower($Hexo)

NEXT time look in and search the help file.



Converts a string to lowercase.

StringLower ( "string" )


string - The string to convert.

Return Value

Returns the string converted to lowercase.




StringIsLower, StringIsUpper, String, StringInStr, StringLeft, StringLen, StringMid, StringRight, StringTrimLeft, StringTrimRight, StringUpper


$var = StringLower("I Am A String")

MsgBox(0, "String converted to lowercase is:", $var)

AutoIt Smith

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Thanks so much, worked great! I did search arround the help file and the forum, but couldnt find it. Thanks again!

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