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Help with a script that loads a certain file after no activity

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Hi all,

A co-worker of mine told me that this program/community could be the answer to my problem. I am currently trying to develop a script that performs what I hope is a simple task. I have a powerpoint presentation where the first slide acts as the home screen and displays different information about current statuses within my department. It will be displayed on a large touch screen. Most of the links that people will press lead to other slides within the powerpoint file. however, there is a link that is popular that leads to an intranet site that displays current environment conditions in certain areas....and it's using IE11 (please don't yell at me. I work at a "secure" facility and our network is locked down.

What I would like is that if the screen is on any slide/website/etc. other than the home slide of a specific powerpoint, i would like the computer to go back to that slide in presentation (full-screen) mode. the powerpoint file is hosted in a sharepoint website. It would be excellent if it was based on inactivity, however if it has to be at a pre-determined amount of time, that will work too.

OS= Windows 7 64 bit

Browser= IE11 (i know, i know)

Powerpoint= Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

Hopefully the .exe that would be created won't require autoit to be installed on the machine.

I tried looking in the FAQ, but I couldn't seem to find anything that can help me out. I am new to this type of script, however i have worked on quite a few websites over the years (by no means an expert).  Thank you in advance for ANY help you can provide!

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AutoIt3 can indeed be compiled so you have a single executable that contains the stub and the script.
As to your challenge: It is a little hard for me to give you the proper approach to tackle your challenge without actually being able to test, but you could start with using the au3info program to see whether you can Identify the current displayed page.


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Maybe use an alternative solution? Turn your powerpoint slides into pictures and display those on the screen and have a timer within your controlling program. Get the value of your touch screen (mouse down/up) and use it to go to the appropriate picture.

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