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How do I make function that adds more data to other strings?

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Basically I want a string that can type,

<_StringInsert ( $FullString, $PartString, 1)>

Eventually want to turn it into this. 

<_StringInsert ( $FullString, "Some words" & $PartString & "Other words", 1)>

So I want to insert $partstring the end of $fullstring. I've not been having luck getting _stringinsert to work even after including string.au3

That would repeat multiple times and then send. 

so it would be like this. 

$fullstring  "Some words" $Partstring "Otherwords"  "Some words" $Partstring "Otherwords"  "Some words" $Partstring "Otherwords"


So does anyone know how to get string insert to work? Sorry if this is confusing. 


Okay I figured it out. Sorry guys. 

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Figured it out

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