Connecting to Firebird Data on Network Share

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Am able to access FireBird data on local machine but not on Network Share.

Here's my Declaration for ConnectDatabase function

Private Declare Function ConnectDatabase Lib "fbdll4vb20.dll" _
(ByVal servername As String, ByVal dbName As String, ByVal username As String, ByVal password As String) As Boolean

This connect command works for local data

rv = ConnectDatabase(Localhost, c:\trims2k\sitepro.gdb, SYSDBA, masterkey)


This connect command fails to connect to data on network share

rv = ConnectDatabase(Acer-pc, \trims2k\sitepro.gdb, SYSDBA, masterkey)

Error I get is shown below.

Am I specifying Server and file name correctly?

Driver I'm using is :  Firebird-

Help is appreciated.




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Hello @MrLee,

This forum is related to the AutoIT software and programming language.

Are you sure that you are in the correct forum? :)


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