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Newbie question, help is appreciated

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$timeout = WinWaitActive("SomeWindow", "", 2);times out after 2 seconds

If $timeout = 0 Then MsgBox(0, "DEBUG", "Window timed out. Please contact the program administrator.")

This I was told was the way to find out if winwaitactive timed out or actually found the window.

My question is how would one do this if using AutoitX from vbscript.



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I'm not sure for VB, but for C++ it goes like this:

(the same as what you were describing)

//AutoItX Exported Function Declaration in the autoit3.h file:

//AU3_API long WINAPI AU3_WinWaitActive(const char *szTitle, /*[in,defaultvalue("")]*/const char *szText, /*[in,defaultvalue(0)]*/long nTimeout);

#include <autoit3.h>
int main(){
   long result = 0; //declare a variable to store the result
   result = AU3_WinWaitActive( "SampleTitle", "", 10 );
   if (result == 0){
       printf("Timed Out.");
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