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Is window minimized, off-screen, or both?

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Application windows that will not [Restore] from a (crazy) [Minimized] state ...

I am trying to find out WHY the following scenario is happening.  I am NOT looking for a work-around to get the windows back on the screen.  I can already do that with WinSetState() and WinMove() - (once I click on an app icon on the taskbar and discover that I have the problem).

I have some app windows where:

  • The window will not restore onto the monitor.
  • WinGetPos() returns x,y coordinates of -32000, -32000 - (normally indicates a minimized window).
  • WinGetState() says window is minimized.

The app icon on the taskbar:

  • If I click it - no window appears.
  • If I right-click it and choose [Restore] - no window appears.
  • If I right-click it a second time - [Restore] is greyed out and [Minimize] is now an available option. So Windows thinks the app window is back on the monitor - but no window appears.

To MANUALLY restore the app window ... I have to right-click on the app icon on the taskbar and choose [Move] - hit an arrow key and then drag the window onto the desktop to get it to show up.

When the app window is finally on the monitor, it has the same size as the parameters that are returned for a minimized window ... (160 x 28).  So then I have to drag the app window into the desired size again.

My ISSUE is that this is REALLY annoying!

My PROBLEM is ... First I have to run into a case of the window not appearing before I know that I need to point a script at that window to get it back on the monitor - (or manually [Move] it back onto the screen).

That's because I can't figure out a way to determine ...

  • Is an app window ONLY minimized ???
  • Or is it also off-screen ???

All I can think of ... Is there something (API call, etc.) that will tell me what a window's POS parameters SHOULD be when it is restored ???

If there is something like that ... I could have a script find the problem windows for me and fix them before I run into them.


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Can we get some code?

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Hi Skyrimfus.  I know it was a long post, but there is not any code.

It is a question about WHY something is happening on my computer.  With a valid answer, I am hoping to write some code to handle the issue.

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