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[WoW Game] Retrieving some info (not bot!)

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Hello, first of all I hope to not break any rules, I know games bot request are not allowed but this is definitely not a bot or something bannable so I try to write and explain it.

I have the game WoW and I often need to know the ID of the gear I'm equipping, like head, shoulders, chest and so on. So the command is pretty simple: for the head you just open the chat and paste this (it's LUA)

/script print("Head ID: "..GetInventoryItemID("player",1))

Now I could put that in a macro and click it, also I can put more lines and get more IDs about other slots, but the fact is I have 18 slot totals..and the 255 character limit on the macro creation doesn't allow me to write every ID. I even tried with a "for cycle" from 1 to 18 but it prints only first 3.

So, I can simply copy paste the string everytime I need the info about what I'm equipping, it's not that hard, but I was wondering, is there a fast way with autoit, to read the game and just print every ID on a separate field? Like a button "Retrieve Gear Information" and it compiles the fields.

Let me know if first, it's legal and it's not considered a bot (in that case, I really apologize), but most of all if that requires a lot of work or it can be done with few lines. If it's too complicated obviously I don't need it, I will stick with the copy/paste thing on the game chat.

Thanks, have a nice day!

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