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drag and drop dont work

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Something wrong with my scripts i cant identify it.
I write launchers for programs such as firefox or 3dsmax or what ever else i have installed on my computer.
When i use my launchers, programs loose ability to accept drag n drop files.
When i execute my programs normaly with clicking, drag n drop works fine.

Here i attached launcher for 3dsmax and my firefox loader.

Function is very simple
Func _RunApp()
    TrayTip ("Starting application","Please wait",3)
    If ProcessExists ("3dsmax.exe") = 0 Then RunWait (@ScriptDir & "\3dsmax.exe")


Its a bit more complicated for firefox, but the result is same for both. Neither programs accept drag and drop


Perhaps something else in the script is causing the drag and drop not work right ?

FFX Source.zip

Autodesk Loader.au3

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I was able to track it down to execution level in compiling settings.

"As invoked" worked for firefox. Firefox once executed by my script is not accepting drag and drop.

And 3dsmax ? Well, i guess it just does not work with windows 10 as it should :( Darn it autodesk.

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