how to test software in windows xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

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Hello I just developed software on XP and later did check on win 7 and
just moment ago, the software failed on windows 10 64bit.

I'm webdeveloper and this is first time developing windows software,
so here comes the question:

Is there platform to test software on all versions of windows?

One option that I used for webdevelop, was virtualbox and 
download the all versions of windows: 
but it seems that it doesn't work for programs only for browsers
(from point I checked, maybe I'm wrong).

So are there windows versions that are full and free of charge 
to download and test it in virtualbox?

Or I need to get all windows licences?

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Only way I know is to run some sort of VM software with instances of each flavor of windows and simply test it.


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As Jos mentions above, VMs are your best way to go for this. I am assuming you have access to each OS; you can use VMware Player or VirtualBox on the cheap, or use VMware Workstation if you want to put a few more resources into it. You could also set up some containers if you are looking for more agile testing capabilities, but that adds to the complexity.

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