Looking for help with automation Araxis Merge and AutoIt

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Looking to automate the Application AraxisMerge with AutoIt. My goal is to

1)  launch Araxis Merge, Click on the option to do a folder comparison, select two folders to compare, get results, export Comparison Report and Statistic report.

2. Once I get that script to work, then I want AutoIt to go to a file and be able to select a specific file name in a file folder and then go through and compare, get results....etc..

I can't get my script to even get to the first pick of selecting the first menu item. :-(   It has been forever since I have scripted as I have been out of scripting for about 7 years and am very rusty. Any help would be appreciated.   When I add in this line, I get a syntax error but when I take it out, the application just sits there:  WinMenuSelectItem ( "Araxis Merge", "", "UIRibbonDockTop" [, "Folder comparisons" [, "New folder comparison"]] )


I have tried the Window Info to try to find the hidden text and I have tried mouse only option with the recorder and the macro.. still nothing.. it doesn't select the menu options.


 Here is my initial code:



Func AraxisMerge()
    ; Run Araxis Merge
    Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Araxis\Araxis Merge\Merge.exe")

    ; Wait 90 seconds for the Merge window to appear.
    WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Merge]", "", 90)

    ; Wait for 90 seconds to display the Merge window.

#include <AutoItConstants.au3>

If Not WinExists("Araxis Merge") Then Run("Araxis Merge")
WinActivate("Araxis Merge")
Local $iPos[4]
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 1)
; Left, Top, Width, Height
$iPos = WinGetPos("Araxis Merge")
$iMinX = $iPos[0]; Left
$iMinY = $iPos[1]; Top
$iMaxX = $iPos[2]; Width
$iMaxY = $iPos[3]; Height
WinMenuSelectItem ( "Araxis Merge", "", "UIRibbonDockTop" [, "Folder comparisons" [, "New folder comparison"]] )




; Close the Araxis Merge window using the classname of Merge.

EndFunc   ;==>AraxisMerge



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