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Need Help in Creating server and client

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Am new to autoIt and will be glad if I get help in completing my third program :).

 This may seem long but have everything I need help of lol. 

I am manage a workshop of 6pc 💻  connected on the same network. 


I want to create a client and server program whereby I will install  the client on my PC and the server on the other 5 PC.   The server will then connect to the client and list them in array with the computer name . 








So if I right client on the name it will give me option to turn it off, also a GUI where I can copy files and upload files to it. 


I have created a server installation  GUI but having difficulties with the script to connect to the client, display its PC name to the client and list itself,  receive shutdown command from client and receive files and also send files.  😣😣😣😣


And also the client to accept files from the server and list them in array. 




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Upload image of client

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Hi @PrinceTurkson.

First of all, how can we help you at all if no code is provided.

Second of all, sounds like functionality you could get with a RAT. I know there are free RAT's written in AutoIt with source available (not on this forum) if you look for them. You could just use snippets from such a project to achieve your goal.

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Am not creating a rat,  will post code here then.

thanks for the reply

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