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i am new @ autoit. i want to rar some directories. my command is:

Run ("C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe a -m0 -v500000k M:\TEMPRAR\"&$rarName&" M:\Mix\"&$dirName&"\*.*")

I got an error, cause rar.exe has problems with the directoryname, the spaces or the variable. the variable "$dirName" is something like M:\Mix\DJ Tiesto 2016 Mix\

I think the problem is, how to set the quotes. i believe i tried all possibilities with no success. 


some ideas how to set quotes??

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Something like this maybe?:

Run ('C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe a -m0 -v500000k "M:\TEMPRAR\' & $rarName & '" "M:\Mix\' & $dirName & '\*.*"')


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@noobee88 I always suggest, when working with spaces and quotes, do write it out to the console first and then try it at the command line. So does this output:

ConsoleWrite("C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe a -m0 -v500000k M:\TEMPRAR\" & $rarName & " M:\Mix\" & $dirName & "\*.*" & @CRLF)

copied into a command line window, give you what you want?

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