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amazing virtual keyboard/mouse.dll file, how to port in autoit?

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recently theres breakthrough on ahk which they used virtual keyboard/mouse 

basically it work without physical keyboard/mouse  can actually mimic physical kb/mouse and can bypass application that blocks kb/mouse emulations 

from chinese developer <snip> this .dll can be used on c++,vb.net and other programming languages

i just tested it on a program that blocks emulation. and it works! however it is ported on autohotkey, is there chance that can you help me to port it on autoit

ported source  <snip>


how this bypass emulation works on ahk


how it is ported to ahk


any idea how to ported .dll to autoit?



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As this specifically states it is for bypassing applications that resist keyboard/mouse automation, it would violate our forum rules:

  • Bypassing of security measures - log-in and security dialogs, CAPTCHAs, anti-bot agents, software activation, etc.
  • Automation of software/sites contrary to their EULA (see Reporting bullet below).

Don't think this is something we want to discuss here.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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