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AutoIt + Java integration Exception Handling

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I am trying to automate login application (.exe) using Autoit and java integration. 
As a part of this automation i am able to login successfully but other part i want to check
Login Failure case where username/Password given by user is incorrect, 
So how can we detect Login failed part or any way to  handle Exception in this case.

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@nares welcome to the forum. You will find it is generally difficult to help without seeing your code. Post what you're using, or a reproducer if you're working with sensitive data; it will go a long way toward helping us help you ;)

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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@JLogan Thank you  for your immediate response 

        autoIt.controlSend("Title Of active window", "", "", "{SHIFT}+{TAB}", false);
        autoIt.controlSend("Title Of active window", "", "", "{DELETE}", false);
        autoIt.send("{TAB}", false);

For above snippet code i need help.

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