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Communication between 2 PCs

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Now for communication between 2 PCs (same network) I use something like this:

PC 1 is writing data to a SQL server using Autoit and a sql udf

PC 2 is checking each 1 second if there is some new data in the sql table and if there is new data is showing it in a list. After a while from PC 2 i need to update the data in the database.




Is this a efficient way to make 2 computers to communicate between them? Can I improve this and how?

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The problem is that from multiple computers I send and store data to a mysql server. Then I have another computer that checks 1 time per x seconds if there is a new entry in the database and what is that new entry.

Is not something like client-server to be able to use TCP. 

What is the best way to accomplish this?

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Sounds like that computer that checks 1 time per x seconds would be setup as the TCP server/listener and the other computers would simple connect and send to it when needed, thus it would no longer check and instead will simply wait for info to be sent in.


If that's not going to work for you, then you will have to either stick with the Database, or setup a file on a shared drive.



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You can also create a network directory where the server side looks for a file, and the client side populates a file.  Then do what you need to do, and clean out the file (from the server side).

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