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Larry made a UDF for something like this a while back using actual coords:

ClickInControl("left","Program Manager","","SysListView321",30,10)

Func ClickInControl( $szLR, $szTitle, $szText, $szControl, $nX, $nY )
  If $szLR <> "left" And $szLR <> "right" Then Return 0
  $hWnd = ControlGetHandle( $szTitle, $szText, $szControl )
  If @error Then Return 0
  $hWndDad = WinGetHandle( $szTitle, $szText )
  If @error Then Return 0
  $me = DLLCall( "kernel32.dll", "long", "GetCurrentThreadId" )
  $you = DLLCall( "user32.dll", "long", "GetWindowThreadProcessId", "hwnd", $hWndDad, "long_ptr", 0)
  $coord = _MakeLong( $nX, $nY )
  If $szLR = "left" Then
     $msg1 = 0x0201;WM_LBUTTONDOWN
     $msg2 = 0x0202;WM_LBUTTONUP
     $i = 0x0001;MK_LBUTTON
     $msg1 = 0x0204;WM_RBUTTONDOWN
     $msg2 = 0x0205;WM_RBUTTONUP
     $i = 0x0002;MK_RBUTTON
  $ret = DLLCall("user32.dll","int","AttachThreadInput","long",$me[0],"long",$you[0],"int",1)
  If $ret[0] = 0 Then Return 0
  $ret = DLLCall("user32.dll","long","PostMessage","hwnd",$hWnd,"int",$msg1,"int",$i,"int",$coord)
  If $ret[0] = 0 Then Return 0
  $ret = DLLCall("user32.dll","long","PostMessage","hwnd",$hWnd,"int",$msg2,"int",0,"int",$coord)
  If $ret[0] = 0 Then Return 0
  If $ret[0] = 0 Then Return 0
  Return 1

Func _MakeLong($LoWord,$HiWord)
  Return BitOR($HiWord * 0x10000, BitAND($LoWord, 0xFFFF))


I'm not always able to get it to work with every window.

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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