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Anyone can help me with autologin scripts?

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So this is the scenario,

1. A program is already running that requires username and password on the first page.(There is no save username/password, thats why i want to make a script that will automatically log me in)

2. I want a GUI that has a list box or something that have different kind of username since i got many accounts, and a Login button to log me in automatically without typing.

3. In every username in the list, it will have 2 values (Username at password), so its like this, 

        If i choose this username and click login button it will automatically enter the username and password for that corresponding username in the program

4. I alreayd have a design, but its just a design, i dont know if i made it right, can you please help me make it? I am newbie on scripting



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Hi ransej,

Please post the code you have so far.

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