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IE: How to call .getElementsByClassName() <specific element here>.innerhtml inline

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I know most IE objects that are collections (arrays) let you specify the element inline
consolewrite( $oElement.children(0).innerhtml &@CRLF)
However getElementsByClassName takes a peram, so I don't know how to make autoit understand what element of it i want to use when I try to use it inline. These are things I tried that all fail:
consolewrite( $oElement.getElementsByClassName("classnamehere")(0).innerhtml &@CRLF)
consolewrite( $oElement.getElementsByClassName("classnamehere").(0).innerhtml &@CRLF)
consolewrite( $oElement.getElementsByClassName("classnamehere",0).innerhtml &@CRLF)

The following code works, but is multi-line, and I want to avoid the use of a temp var
$temp = $oElement.getElementsByClassName("classnamehere")

Is there any way to call .getElementsByClassName() inline without throwing syntax errors, or do I HAVE to use temp vars?


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.getElementsByClassName is a function that returns collection so you cant use it like that. Depending on the HTML element and code , it may be done another way. Post the html code.

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