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Wood's Gadgets


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Download Links:

Binaries (an installation exe): http://www.autoitscript.com/fileman/users/nfwu/Gadget/v2.0%20Executable.zip

(Most of the) Source: http://rapidshare.de/files/9133477/Gadget-...Source.zip.html

I was thinking about having the convinence of Widgets on a PC without needing to install Mac, so i came up with this application. :lmao:

Hope there are no errors!

(Please note that all references to my website at www.techdudeonline.tk refer to here, as for now, until i setup my website properly)

[Please scroll down for instructions on creating Gadgets for this application]

Update Log:


Posted on the AutoIt forums

BugFix: Removed __ModifyDisplayLocation from the script entirely

(Thanks lonelobo92@hotmail.com)


BugFix: Autoload during installation does not work.

BugFix: BugFix that was supposed to correct autoload did not work

Added 2 default gadgets: LED clock and Process Tracker

Replaced 15 sec startup music with a new 6 second one

Added functional __CreateGadget


Removed __ModifyDisplayLocation capability when Gadgets are displayed normally

Added Never Display option to the X/Ypos window

Added Auto-Save locations capability

BugFix: Install Gadget from WIF uninstall error

Added a Proper Installation

--v1.5 (Beta)

Added Companion Faital Error Handler

Added EXE and INI options to Add/Remove Gadgets

Reorganised Tray Menu

--v1.5 (Alpha)

Added functional __DebugGadgetIni

Added _DialogEditIni and its helper functions

Replaced old 90sec start-up music with a 15sec clipping

Added __ModifyDisplayLocation capability when you display Gadgets normally

Added __AddRemoveGadgets

Added Wood-only Installation Code

Removed __getinstall and __checkinstall


Added __AlertModifyDisplayStillOpen

Rewrote __DisableHotkeys to accept function as parameter

Added non-functional __CreateGadget

Added non-functional __DebugGadgetIni

dded trans.bmp and background SplashImages

Added Startup music

(_DialogEditIni function intended to insert here did not work)

--v1.0 (Beta)

Added __AlertOptionsStillOpen

Added __DisableHotkeys

Added __ModifyDisplayLocation

Added Proper User-set Placing of windows

Added __SetHotkeyLabels

--v1.0 (Alpha)

Rewrote and tidied code into functions

Added $g_Gadgets array

Added Options window

Added __restart

Added _dialogSetHotKey

Added __AboutWoodGadgets

Added Tray Menu

Replaced Hotkeys #w and !#q wih Modifiable Hotkeys

Removed algorithum for placing windows

Added Randomised placing of windows

Added __terminateGadgets


Moved gadget data from code into apps.ini

Added !#q to quit

Added __checkInstall and __getInstall


Most basic version of Gadgets

Press #w to open and close the gadget windows



1: It has to have 1 non-resizable window with a title that never changes.

2: Currently only INI activation is avaliable to outside Gadget developers - I'm working on a GUI which allows you to create WIFs. For now, i'm the only person who is able to create them. :(

3: The Ini has the following structure:

;Disply name for you application.
appname="Performance Monitor 1.0"
;FULL executable path
appexe="C:\Program Files\Wood\Gadgets\Widget242\perf.exe"
;Actual title of the window (please give the FULL title - or it won't work)
wintitle="Performance Monitor 1.0 (Alpha)"
;Height and Width of the window in pixles.

All you have to do is ask your users to click on the "Use INI to activate gadget" button, then select your INI.

Or, you could always automate the Installation process for them - that's what AutoIt is for! :P


Any suggestions, bugfixes, etc. are welcome.

Edited by nfwu
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  • 2 weeks later...

Completed the WIF creation gui, everything packaged into a neat executable.

Downloading Wood's Gadgets: Refer to the post above.

Downloading the WIF creator used to create Gadgets for this app:


Please note that Wood's Gadgets comes with 2 default gadgets!

Btw, Merry Christmas!

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  • 2 years later...

Interesting script.

When trying to uninstall, there is no program group in the startmenu for it, so you have to navigate directly to the program folder.

Plus, the uninstall.exe program gives:

Line 0
DirRemove(".\"&$cmdline[1]1, 1)

Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded

I had to remove by hand, which I dislike doing, esp searching the registry for the associated key change that you added :)

May wanna fix that.

Secondly, It only comes with 2 widgets? both of which are minimized. Perhaps it would be better to create a transparent sidebar or bottom bar to put the widgets on, and allow them to be used in this way, instead of pressing windows+ w to see a huge popup screen with the widgets on them.

I dunno, this looks interesting, but in reality, the sidebar functions for vista are much easier to use on xp :)

-_-------__--_-_-____---_-_--_-__-__-_ ^^€ñ†®øÞÿ ë×阮§ wï†høµ† ƒë@®, wï†høµ† †ïmë, @ñd wï†høµ† @ †ïmïdï†ÿ ƒø® !ïƒë. €×阮 ñø†, bµ† ïñ§†ë@d wï†hïñ, ñ@ÿ, †h®øµghøµ† †hë 맧ëñ§ë øƒ !ïƒë.

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