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Made a few changes and improvements..
Looking for input on how to make this better. Maybe rich text?
But how to store that into an INI? any assistance is appreciated.



WinSizer 2.1 (01/04/2017) - Download - [ Windows Layout Manager ]
Folder+Program (12/23/2016) - Download - [ USB Shortcut Creator ]


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19 minutes ago, ldub said:

It does not work for me (Win7 64bit)

Not much information there ... ;)


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I tried it on Win7 64 bit and it worked.  What wasn't obvious to me was that the trigger phrase doesn't actually trigger until you hit the space bar after entering the phrase.  This makes sense to avoid triggers within words.

Also you might want to add that the expander only expands while the expander program is running when you close the window it stops. I got used to terminate and stay resident behavior so I first thought that the window was only there to set up the triggers.  My bad.

Anyway, nice job!  I'll be using it when I run into times when I have repetitive info to type because it's so easy to set up and then put away.

One suggestion.  Add an "Active" switch when you right click on the Icon on the taskbar so you can keep it running but start and stop the expanding.


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