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Memory Editor Dll's

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Firstly, someone must find out what are the functions contained in these dlls. I did a websearch on "TSearch" and "TSearchdll.dll". Most of the sites I found were hacking sites.

When i searched TSearchDll.dll, i found the the dlls downloads, but no documentation or source :P ... wierd, and there was also a program there that used the dlls... appears to be a program that accesses the memory and allows you to search for values, edit those memory values.... really a hacking tool.

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ClientCallWndProc 0x1000aba8 0x0000aba8 3 (0x3) ISearchDll.dll D:\NEEDSTUFF\quackers\quackers\Isearch\ISearchDll.dll

ClientGetMsgProc 0x1000ab66 0x0000ab66 2 (0x2) ISearchDll.dll D:\NEEDSTUFF\quackers\quackers\Isearch\ISearchDll.dll

T is same a I i also have lol98's bypassed tsearch but the dllnames arent very nice ....

clearMyHook 0x10004cb0 0x00004cb0 1 (0x1) IHotkeys.dll D:\NEEDSTUFF\quackers\quackers\Isearch\IHotkeys.dll

setMyHook 0x10004c8c 0x00004c8c 2 (0x2) IHotkeys.dll D:\NEEDSTUFF\quackers\quackers\Isearch\IHotkeys.dll

and imagehlp.dll look to be a bit more interesting from a memory searching propective


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