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Not scrolling exact position

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Hi, I am working on automatiing the input of basic datas on a software. The window of the software is quite long (I would say someting like 800 px by 1600 px), from my screen, I have to scroll down to go to a few checkboxes. Approximately, in absolute value from the upper left corner of the window of my software, the check boxes are located at (200, 200) (200, 400) (200, 600) (200, 800) (200, 1000). As my screen is about 760 px in height, I have to scroll down for the last checkboxes...

I would like to automate it for a couple of computers and then a couple of screens (bigger and smaller than mine). So the easy way would be to program a scrolling down and then calculte the new coordinates from there and go for a mousclick. But the new coordinate will be different from a computer to another and I don't want to program every coordinate for every computer.

So how can I go to click any checkbox independantly of the size of the screen? I would add that  "AutoIt V3 Window info" gives me only two types of coordinates : Mouse position and Control Click Coord and both of them don't give the same value if I scroll down...





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if it's an application, then there should be no reason to scroll down so it's visible.  Just use ControlCommand with the "Check", "" option to check the boxes you want whether they are on screen or not.



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