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Problem with simple script

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Hello guys, i am playing game Nostale and i need to gather some grass and since i have autoattack bot from someone who made it in AutoIT script and while it does work on same system (push spacebar) i needed only to extract .exe to .au3, i got this

While 1
    ControlSend("NosTale", "", 0, "{Space}")

So i thought when i replace "0" with "12" (gathering and recovery is at least 10 seconds) it will work, but when i run it (compile and run test both x86 and x64) it doesnt worked, but original .exe did work.
Dont you know where is bug ?

Files are original .exe and decompiled .exe with 2014 version of Exe2Aut.

Thanks for every resopond.

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Removed evidence of decompiled scripts

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Not off to a great start @ShinoYumi. First, please familiarize yourself with the forum rules, especially the part on game automation, before posting again. You will receive no help on this subject.

Secondly, we have zero tolerance for any discussions on decompiling; do not broach this subject again.

Hope to see you with a legitimate question, should you choose to do something worthwhile with the language rather than video games.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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