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App to silently handle downloads with PHP-site

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I am working on a small App for Managing Downloads from PHP site

The Environment is done (Buttons etc.)

1. Action should be:

Button click starting a lookup (lookup.php) by sending two or three vars to the php (userID, Action, pass)

PHP Responses with three different states:  error, new, or empty and if 'new' an 2dimensional Array (songlist)

I tried with using <WinHttp.au3> and getting only the PHP site header but this I do not need

2. Action clicking on download but in songlist, when I have any

Connenction to second php site sending id for download and userId, action and pass again

Response will be a download-file via Header function and in some cases 2 files

3. Action create an XML file for exporting the downloaded file names for Import to a media player


The Basic Idea is, to give the user the poss to look for new sons and download if there a´re any and Import to database

of player


Please excuse my english and I am working with AutoIT since three days now

PreKnowledge: PHP, VBS, CMD, MySQL, VBA, JS, and a few Pascal


Are There any codesnippet I can use or somebody who did this in the past in a simila project





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@BigMac121263 you are always always always going to get better results if you post the code you're using, rather than having us guess or have to rewrite a large chunk of code. Help us help you ;)

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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