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Tooltip into from 3rd party application

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I'm trying to obtain tooltip text from an application called VSampler3. It's a program designed to create virtual musical instruments to be used in a sequencer. The program is about 12 years old and is no longer under development. For this reason I've been trying to use AutoIT to create a script that will convert Vsampler's project files into an open source text format mapping sound samples to a virtual piano keyboard.

I've attached a screen print below of one of VSampler's tooltips of which I'm trying to obtain the text from. I'm not sure, but it seems the program may be using it's own controls rather than those from the Windows API, but then I'm not sure.

I'm hoping someone could point me to a function(s) that can obtain this info and how to use it. Even if it can't be done, thank you for taking the time.



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