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How to winActivate, MouseClick on a No Title window and having class Information only.

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Hi , 

Please help me  to know the way to activate and muse click on an window i.e. having no Title and only class information , I am using below code 

ConsoleWrite('STEP4' & @CRLF)
WinWait("[TITLE:; CLASS:Qt5QWindowIcon]", "")
ConsoleWrite('STEP5' & @CRLF)
WinActivate("[TITLE:; CLASS:Qt5QWindowIcon]", "")
ConsoleWrite('STEP6' & @CRLF)
MouseClick('primary', 152, 151 ,1 ,0)
ConsoleWrite('STEP7' & @CRLF)

But in Execution i see till "STEP 4 " only STEP 5 never gets executed.Below code works fine i.e. till STEP4. 

WinWait("[TITLE:xxxx; CLASS:Qt5QWindowOwnDCIcon]", "")
ConsoleWrite('STEP2' & @CRLF)
WinActivate("[TITLE:xxxx; CLASS:Qt5QWindowOwnDCIcon]", "")
MouseClick('primary', 66, 263 ,1 ,0)
ConsoleWrite('STEP3' & @CRLF)


Please Help !!!!

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