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Help Alarm

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Hey this is my code of the alaram

#include <Date.au3>
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")
$Alarmfile = iniread ( "alarmsetup.ini", "Settings", "Alarmsound", "wakeup.mp3" )
$Time1 = iniread ( "alarmsetup.ini", "Settings", "Time", "" )

SoundSetWaveVolume (100)

While 1
    $time = _NowTime(5)
    sleep ( 250 ); sleep
    sleep ( 250 ); sleep
    sleep ( 250 ); sleep
    sleep ( 250 ); sleep
    If  $time = $Time1 Then SoundPlay ($Alarmfile, 0)

Heres the ini

;AlarmSound needs to be in same foldor as alarm.exe dont remove the
;Time is the time you want it to alarm


i cant get it to work it doesnt start the sound if i use ini read :P can anyone help?

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