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[SOLVED] Open Chrome maximized in a new instance on a 2nd or 3th screen

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I'm trying to wright a automated process to show some URL's in chrome browsers on multiple screens.
I've 4 screens and want to show on each screen another instance of chrome whit its own URL.
In mine search on the site i din't find any topic for this specific problem.

The way I was trying is something like :

ShellExecute("chrome.exe", "http://URL1 --start-maximized")

so I'll not see the addressbar but it was not opend full screen :( .

I've some questions about this way:

-Is there a way to maximize it on a dedicated screen ?
(like URL1 on screen 1 , URL2 on screen 2 etc...)

-Shellexecute will add a tab on a existing browser and will not open another instance, is there a way to work around this?

Is there somebody who had the same problem whit chrome?

thanks in advanced.

edit: I've checked the chrome UDF but it din't same to get the job done....

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Found this for a new window and for full screen :)



unfortunaly it's opening on the same screen....
does somebody know how to open this on seprated screens ?

ShellExecute("chrome.exe", "http://URL1 --new-window --start-fullscreen") ;on screen 1
ShellExecute("chrome.exe", "http://URL2 --new-window --start-fullscreen") ;on screen 2
ShellExecute("chrome.exe", "http://URL3 --new-window --start-fullscreen") ;on screen 3
ShellExecute("chrome.exe", "http://URL4 --new-window --start-fullscreen") ;on screen 4


as finishing touch god created the dutch

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have a read of this thread. 


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WinWait("title" , "text", 10)
WinActive("title" , "text")
WinMove ( "title" , "text", 0 , 0 )


as finishing touch god created the dutch

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