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Getting the PID of a spawned process

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I have coded a GUI that calls robocopy.exe, and as part of the exit routine of this GUI I want to check if the robocopy process is running. That is easy enough to do, but what if I had multiple instances of robocopy.exe running on the same box.

Question is: How do I ensure programatically that I have ended only my latest instance of robocopy.exe that was created through my compiled GUI.

I want to kill the PID rather than exe name, as I assume the latest PID of Robocopy.exe in task manager will be the latest process correct?

This is what I already code wise:

Dim $Yes = 6, $No = 7

$i_PID = "Robocopy.exe"

    _ProcessGetName ($i_PID)
    If ProcessExists($i_PID) Then
    $Question = MsgBox(262180, "Question?", "Robocopy process still running, end it now?")
        If $Question = $Yes Then
            SplashTextOn("Exited", "Robocopy copy process killed", 220, 30, -1, -1, 17, "", 12)

Are there any UDF's out there that will do the opposite of _ProcessGetName ( $iPID ), meaning getting the PID of the named process...Something like _ProcessGetPID(Name of exe to check)

Any guidance will be much appreciated..


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You should already know the PID as your script started it and can manage it ?

$pid1 = Run('robocopy.exe')
$pid2 = Run('robocopy.exe')
$pid3 = Run('robocopy.exe')

If ProcessExists($pid3) Then ProcessClose($pid3)
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i think it is a little simpler than your effort

$PID = ProcessExists("notepad.exe"); Will return the PID or 0 if the process isn't found.
If $PID Then ProcessClose($PID)

to be sure that you are closing the correct PID

$PID = Run("notepad.exe"); this should be a unique identifier ( if i am correct )





MHz got there first ( and i was right..lol)

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