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Taskbar Control

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I think a fast way to get to the taskbar commands is to start off with something like:

$hModule= _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle("user32.dll")
 .. _WinAPI_GetProcAddress($hModule, "GetTaskmanWindow")
;~  calling commands through Guid = 56FDF342-FD6D-11d0-958A-006097C9A090

Or perhaps an simpler way (and very neatly put)  https://gist.githubusercontent.com/RaMMicHaeL/847458fcc75de83b36ed/raw/fef1ae30dbea728c997111d6e27e83d1f1d3c0f8/TTLib.h

library link

I'm not 100% sure on how to start porting it, I only see that what is in the beginning of lines are to be the returns.., the ones with the int I will need some example ..

this seems like a good source As I think it works with windows 10 too ,so if anyone has a little time to help with the conversion there are only these few calls

P.S what I'm after is to Move Buttons Inside a ButtonGroup



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