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Aut2Exe Possible bug?

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I noticed since upgrading to version of Autoit, that when I compile a script and specify a file version along with an icon via:


and everything else left blank (from a gui perspective, though I generally just populate these lines in the script manually), on the compiled exe, the Description field is populated with Aut2Exe.exe instead of the actual compiled executable name.  This was not the behavior we experienced in previous versions of the compiler and if I remove the fileversion line from the code, the Description is again populated with correct name.  I know I can override what gets placed in the Description field of the exe via #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description but his was never required in the past, and is more cumbersome to have to track.  

Am I the only one who sees this behavior and is it an intended change and I just overlooked it in the chg log?  Thanks in advance!

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I am not 100% sure anymore when it changed, but seem to remember that the defaults we had in the PE VERSION block is removed from the bin file (execution stub) at some point to avoid always setting the description to "AutoIt3 script".

Just set the defaults in the AutoIt3Wrapper.ini file in case you like to always have it set now.



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