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ImageSearch with coordinates instead of x, y

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Hi, my friends, I have a question, the ImageSearch tool needs only a string of x, y where will start searching from 0,0 and go to the x coordinate, y that I marked. however, I need to separate a small space where I do not start looking for the image from 0.0 to x, y where I marked, start looking for the image of x, y that I chose x, y that I also chose.
The line below ImageSearch shows the difference between pixelsearch and imagesearch.

_ImageSearchArea ("10.bmp", 1, 1, 0, @DesktopWidth, @ DesktopHeight, x, y, 0)

Unlike PixelSearch that requires 2 x coordinates, and therefore gives you the choice of an area where you are going to look for the pixel, it does not begin with 0,0, it starts from where I choose and that is my goal with ImageSearch, would it be possible I add the two x, y, y coordinates in ImageSearch with Arrays or something else? I came to ask you for help
Below the PixelSearch line

PixelSearch (cordx, cordy, cordx, cordy, 0xBDB69C, 5)


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Your post is confusing, how about a better explanation of what you're trying to do or a screenshot of the image you're trying to find? 9 times out of 10 there is a better way to do it than ImageSearch.

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