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Paste from a local clipboard to an RDP clipboard

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We have several Remote Desktop servers that are fairly locked down, all of which are running one of our applications.  We need a way to allow users to copy files from their local PC, switch to our application on the RDP and paste those files into a specific folder.  If I provide access to Explorer they can paste manually (so I know that it can work).

Would Autoit allow me to do this?  The process would be something like this:  Paste LocalClipboard to DestinationFolder

Keep in mind that the clipboard running on the RDP is called RDPClip, and whilst this seems to work when I use explorer, I haven't be able to get it working in C#

Thank you.

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@AndrewDBrown welcome to the forum. So my first question would be does this have the blessing of you Security folks, as you're pointedly getting around a security feature built into your remote server solution? And if it does have their blessing, why would they not just allow Local Resources to enable access to the clipboard rather than this convoluted method?

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