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set program window on top

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Does the windows startup mechanism have a fixed timeout for programs or can it not see other processes while it has been launched in the startup folder ? I want a certain program to have it's window on top. But this doesn't work.

What I do:

Run(program,programdir) ;this needs program needs it window on top "Login"(child window of main program)

ProcessWait(other program.exe,5)

WinActivate("Login") (also tried : WinSetOnTop("Login","",1)

So both programs open but other program stays on top.

Should be simple to do...but in my case not so :rolleyes:


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Does someone know what happens if programs from run in hklm run after program in hkcu (program that needs Login window on top). Would this interfere with the on top setting ? Or does is the WinSetOnTop absolute ?

Am I exact in thinking:


WinSetOnTop: 10ms

process.exe takes 500ms to display it's splash screen so this happens after SetOnTop from 1st program. Will this have process.exe's window in front of the window of the 1st program ?

Or let 1st program sleep for 10 seconds and then WinActivate("Login") and WinSetOnTop("Login","",1) ?

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