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Is VisualBasic faster than Autoit or the same?

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Just wondering, Particualry Pixel searches, mouse clicks ect...

The work im doing requires pixel searching and mouse clicks to be VERY accurate and consistent (to within 0.0001seconds).

Also the 'Sleeps' need to be extremely consistent however on windows 10 i find autoit isn't as consistent as I would like.

Anyone that has used VB for similar things? isit faster/quicker or the same? I've been considering learning VB for a while as i always use autoit OnEventMode anyway so i'm given to understand its quite similar.



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My guess would be: yes but it is still an interpreter language.
Just wondering if everything is as easy as AutoIt3...  so let us know.


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If you plan on compiling exe or dll then Vb.net is faster. C# is even better as a language 


I can help you guys get Visual Code ( you can program in any .net language with visual Code  and even auto IT ) working.  easy

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suggestion to read FAQ 38 


you can merge stuff into AutoIt if needed with fasm or clr library

I assume you mean vb.net, in general will have delay compared to fasm example in faq 38 mainly as .net is wrapper stuff around win32 api like gdi32.dll

Let us know a little more what kind of pixels you search for and why it has to be that fast as you say as there are multiple algorithms to speed things (except when its game automation then you are in the wrong area).

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