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Output ConsoleWrite to a GUI Control?

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Maybe it's just one of those days but I can't for the life of me figure this out. I'm wanting to have a GUI control in my autoit form that I can update with text as the script runs (Like completing tasks) and wasn't sure about the best way to go about doing this. Using labels and line breaks just updates the label.


Something like this.


GUICtrlSetData($Log, "Log output 1" & @CRLF)
        GUICtrlSetData($Log, "Log output 2" & @CRLF)
        GUICtrlSetData($Log, "Log output 3" & @CRLF)


Ideas would be welcome. I may end up with an edit box from this link.


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I typically use an Edit control, with $ES_READONLY. I then do something like this:

_GUICtrlEdit_AppendText($editProgress, @CRLF)
_GUICtrlEdit_AppendText($editProgress, @TAB & @TAB & "===============Search Complete===============")


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