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How to read text of thirdparty apps tray icons


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I need to read the status of OneDrive icon running in the taskbar and update the status in a log file.

2nd part I can complete :)

But the first part, how to read the status of tray menu icon.


I need the text above from the tray icon.

I looked into , but not that helpful.



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On 12/13/2017 at 6:41 PM, Earthshine said:

You can use log4a.au3 then log everything you do. Log variclbles and their values, etc

search also for ProcessGetCpu udf here as well

THanks @Earthshine.
I got a code snippet in powershell for this.

I didn't tried your au3 file yet, as the powershell one is simple one line command.

Present, I am calling the powershell from my au3 file and waiting till the powershell code completes.

THis is the powershell library I am using.


THis is the code sample.


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