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AdlibRegister vs Timer

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Is there any difference in timers and AdlibRegister ?

in :

  • performance
  • usage
  • reliability
  • or any kind of difference

I want use few timers at once so it will make difference.

I have problem with timers and I saw AdlibRegister behaves similar like:

  • wont stop
  • crashing
  • slowing program so much

maybe is there any trick to make it better?

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AdLibRegister is used to run a function repeatedly, and this may slow the script down. As says the helpfile,
"The adlib function should be kept simple as it is executed often and during this time the main script is paused. "
Same thing using a timer

The only way I can think of to avoid this is to use AdLib (or timer) to run a 2nd script (which will not slow down the main script)

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