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Adlibregister restart when IE window closes?

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I need help tracking down an IE window closed when I use _IEAttach.

So for example I use _IEAttach("blablabla", "url")

I also have a GUI on the background that tracks progress on the IE instance.

The problem is that when I close the IE window, the GUI tool also closes. I am getting random errors like:

Return SetError($_IESTATUS_Success, 0, $oObject.document.getElementById($sID))
Return SetError($_IESTATUS_Success, 0, $oObject^ ERROR

It's really hard to explain I will try to post a code here. The problem is basically I use "Adlibregister" to wait for an IE window. When that IE window is detected, the GUI starts to track what you do on the IE window. But when the IE window is closed, the GUI is also forced to close and thus the whole program. I uploaded a sample code.


I know the code is a failure. I need some examples please! how do I restart an Adlibregister when I close the IE instance? Thank you!








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