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Cant create folder in wind 10 prog files

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DirCreate (@HomeDrive & "\Program Files\Common Files\Macrovision Shared")

returns 0

Therefore other code does not work because it fails to create the folder.
I looked into security and changed permissions of the entire C drive form  "trusted installer" to "authenticated users" but no luck.

My user is administrator but not "actual" administrator (you know, the hidden administrator account)


The reason why i use the string so specifically instead of @programsdir or what ever, is because otherwise it will end up in a x86 folder because of the stupid redirection.

MS should have had "Program Files X64" folder for 64bit os instead of Program Files (x86). Life would be allot easier.

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It has nothing to do with Program Files vs. Program Files (x86). For either directory, you have to put #RequireAdmin at the top of your script in order to create a sub directory. This is the same with all Windows protected directories,

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I get problems when i add #RequireAdmin in the script.
Half the commands including arguments passed to command prompt via @comspec do not run properly.

Execution level at which script is being executed does not seem to travel across every other executable its programmed to execute.

FOr example/

Script.exe says to cmd.exe to start program.exe

Because cmd.exe located in a secure place, it assumes that script.exe needs to be limited to standard user access level.

Then cmd.exe executes program.exe with lower previledges then original script.exe was executed.

i had this issue years ago since windows 7 came out. The only solution to this very day i see is to run all my scripts in Administrator account rather then any user account with administrative privileges.


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