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Hi there I have The smtp mailer by Jos working perfectly I wrote a user friendly GUI for it and everything. Just one question can you send signatures at the bottom of the email through the smtp. I assume maybe clipboard put and clipboard get to copy and paste the email into the body of the script email. Idk please help. Maybe use html idk im looking every where and can't find any awnsers.

Maybe if I get the full html code for the email signature save it to a txt file. And then use file read and put it at the bottom of the email body? I will test it and let you guys know.



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Isn't that simply a matter of concatenating the footer (html) text to the provided Body text?


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6 hours ago, Jos said:

Isn't that simply a matter of concatenating the footer (html) text to the provided Body text?


Working great all I did was inspect the element and copy the html code. Paste it into my txt file I use as the email body. Thank you jos

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