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Checking Lost And Created Files.

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I have to list of files, both made with a dir /b /s /ogn /a, one older and one new. I'd like to check what files has been created and lost.

I have some problems until now I tried Filereadline and _FileReadToArray, but in filereadline it seems that the loop continue even after the end of the file (dunno why, but If @error = -1 The exitloop dont work :D ) and _FileReadToArray give to the value [0] a strange enormeus number (the lines in the file are 3108 and the [0] value of the array is about 26000! .

So I am quite confused and clueless, can anyone help me?

Thanks :huh2:

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ARGh... I solved at least one problem.. The strange number was not so strange since actually Crimson Editor not show the first digits for number greater than 9999 so the final 3312 was actually a 13312 and the array was about 26000 because it take a blank line (a @lf @cr thing...) every line... Now I checked this problem.

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Almost forgetting... No shareware, demo or commercial software. :)

.. :D in that case then, there's fc.exe (which I think is part of NT/win2K etc, maybe even Win98?).

At the command prompt, run fc /? for parameters.

EDIT .. and as a 2nd option to BeyondCompare, the FREE ExamDiff is pretty ok :huh2:

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do you also want to know which files were changed or modified?

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No.. it is for the Ultimate uninstaller that I posted in the other section. Now it works, but it is unbearably slow. I have two list of files, one made before (the backup one) and one made after (the restore one) so I want to know what files has been created (files that are in the restore list and not in the back list) and what file has been lost (files that are in the backup list and not in the restore list)...

I tried FC but I can't understand how manage the output. it is too much human like and not good for a script. the other program instead are visual and I need a command line program...

FC, moreover, if the changes are much like you installed a big program (from the backup and the restore) it will refuse to work saying that the files are too different.

The most basilar thing I can do is... Read a line in the first file, seek if exist in the second. Read the second and check, and so go on...

This may sound simple, but with just 16000 files (my case, and I have formatted the HHD little time ago) means 16000^2 checks and even for a fast computer is a long operation... :D

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YES! :) I found the app that do that... At first I found filediff but it is a giant of 6 mb that need installation with ocx and the like, it works well, but it is a nonsense using a 6 mb program for that... After reading the forum a angel poster posted www.tinyapps.org where I found diff.exe a 26kb program that works quite well..

It just put the different line with a + in front if added and a - if removed, exatly what I need. :)

It is done folks... Soon my UU will be ready. thanks everyone for the kind support. :D:huh2::lol:

I am a happy man...

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