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[WIN10] TrayTip timeout

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TrayTip("Test", "Hello", 60)

On Windows 10, last version, the 60 seconds of the tray tip parametert doesn't mean the time you will "see the tray tip" but the time the "tray tip exist" on "Notification" panel. It will show on the display for just 5 seconds, too low for the user to see it and read it...

I have see online that i can:

1) Edit the registry, this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility

DWORD32 ---> MessageDuration

But the problem is require a logoff and a logon. I don't want to do that and i don't now if is possible to avoid it. Solutions?

2) API


Applications typically use pop-up windows to briefly display important notification messages to the user. An application creates the window, displays it for an application-defined duration, and then destroys the window.

Because users with visual impairments or cognitive conditions might need more time to read notification pop-ups, applications should not hard code the duration. Instead, an application should set the duration based on the value of the SPI_GETMESSAGEDURATION system parameter. To retrieve this parameter, use the SystemParametersInfo function.

Assistive technology applications can set the message duration, based on user input, by setting the SPI_SETMESSAGEDURATION system parameter.

Aboiut the "Assistive technology applications" well i think doesn't mean. How to set the SPI_SETMESSAGEDURATION system parameter? If it will require ADMIN RIGHTS well is another thing i can't use

Thanks for the help

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