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Need help with an advanced RegExp call

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In conjunction with my recent post on taming script abort messages, I've determined that I CAN alter the text of the message.  For example, the following statement in the Dll Call changes both text lines in the displayed abort message.

StringRegExpReplace($sText, "(.+)", "This is a test ...")

But what I'd like to do is:

(1) remove all text bracketed by ( ... ) in the first string ... IOW, by the parenthesis pair

(2) replace the entire second string with my own text

In other words, have the result appear in this form:

Good solution.png

Numerous searches and my own meager knowledge of RegExp format didn't produce anything useful.

I can eventually figure out the first replacement, but can someone point me to an example that shows how to replace the second string—any second string—with my text?  I really don't have a handle on that one.

Thanks for any assistance.


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For (1), above, I've found that the following RegExp will locate and replace the parenthesized string:

StringRegExpReplace($sText, "\([^)]*\)", "This is a test ...")

That leaves (2) as the problem to solve.

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You are correct in pointing that out.  I posted my full RegExp statement there because I had started that thread with the Intercept_MessageBoxW function.

For anyone following this thread, here's the link to it.

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