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Logitech keyboard: Control M keys?

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I have a Logitech G15 keyboard with has special G keys and M keys.
The G keys can be programmed (e.g. G01 = F1), and the M keys change the mode.
So basically you have 18 G keys x 3.

I would like to be able to control the M keys with AutoIt.
So I could press for example ScrollWheelLeft on my mouse to switch to M2
and ScrollWheelRight for M3.

I found an old thread were some guy had the same question.
It seem that he was successful with the script which got posted in that thread:


On 30.7.2009 at 0:32 PM, darkmaster071 said:

Thanks guys, the key scanner Yashied posted is great. It detects all the keys. Cool stuff, but i think ill use this simple hotkey option for now. That keyboard scanner is some great code, will save it >_


Well, I tried it, but for me it only works with normal keys.
When I press a G or an M key, nothing happens.
(Of course I made the keys blank with the Logitech software.)

Can you help me, please?
I think if someone knows how to control M and G keys on any Logitech keyboard,
it will be helpful too.
(I doubt there is a technical difference there.)


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Ok, no answer means it does not work, or how should I understand this?

Can AutoIt read/send HID messages?

Because probably these G and M keys work with such messages.

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