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How to save project source with all included files ?

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I learned the hard way that updating Autoit can sometimes brake the script (just like it says it will if you ever read update note which i never do)

I was wondering if there is an eazy way to LOCALY store every file that is #Include'd in the script once ran ?

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Tonycst -

I have a user "Includes" folder setup where I add any UDF's I've created or someone else has created.  It's a local folder and if you really need to localize all of the include files used by AutoIt that might be an option.

You could try moving every include file from the AutoIT Include folder  into whatever Local User Includes folder you setup. I'd make a copy of the folder and contents before testing this so that If it doesn't work then you can just put the original include files back under the AutoIt folder and erase the ones you moved. 

I used the SCITE Config tool under the Tools menu in Scite to add the User Include Folder.  The first tab (General 1) has a field titled "User Include Folder" about halfway down the form.  Just add the folder you want Scite/AutoIT to use as the local include folder.

There's a section at the top of the au3.properties  titled # *** Specify here your AutoIt Include directories  ***.  I'd point that to your User Include Folder.

Not sure if the au3.properties file is replaced during an update but you might need to check it whenever you get an AutoIT update.  You should probably check to make sure there aren't any other config, properties, ini, or other files that AutoIT or Scite use (assuming that you use Scite) that reference the Include folder under AutoIT.  Probably the quickest way to find out if you've missed any "reference" sections is to rename the Include folder located under the program\autoit3 folder.  If something is trying to locate that folder you'll hopefully see a few non-critical errors you can use to track down what references you need to change. 

Of course, if this is a really bad/dumb idea I'm sure someone will be along to explain why.  I think you could test this out without much risk. If it doesn't work just rename the Include file located under AutoIT, delete any include .au3 files you moved to your local User Include folder,  and change any of the entries in properties, config, ini, etc. so they again point to the AutoIT\Include folder. 

Also, while playing around with ISN AutoIT Studio settings for telling it where my User Include folder is, it said that it writes that info to the registry.   Not sure if AutoIt or Scite write that information to the registry.  Would be a question to ask the experts.

Good luck.

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